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I’m a twenty something year old girl with big dreams and a considerably oversized bucket list!

Once I find a new passion I tend to dive in head first. Turns out I can’t just dabble in things, it’s all or nothing. So when I fell in love with travelling after backpacking through Europe, I knew I had to change my life and find a way to make travel a top priority. In 2012 I built up the courage to leave the comfort of home in Melbourne for a new life abroad in London and I haven’t looked back since.

When I’m not draining my bank account by planning holidays, I normally drain it in other ways like brunching (all the time), drinking a lot of coffee, probably drinking even more red wine, buying language courses in whatever language I decide to try and learn (and ultimately fail to learn) in any given year, and actively searching the world wide web for the perfect dog that I will one day adopt. Tomorrow One day.

Moving to London in July 2012 definitely tested me in all the ways – emotionally (rollercoaster), financially (also rollercoaster), physically (there’s a lot of stairs here). Before I moved abroad there was just so much to do in such a short space of time which is how the London New Girl blog was born. I made it my personal mission to share all my research and thoughts, to help others who are thinking about doing the same.

Almost 5 years on, I’m still living in London and still sharing (probably in too much detail) as I go. As well as the practical advice like ‘How to budget for a move‘, ‘How to find a job‘ or ‘How the NHS works‘, I also share all my travel stories and tips, occasionally indulging in something a little more personal like my Brexit woes, or why I need some ‘me time’.

Follow the London New Girl blog as I share my ideas, tips and adventures with you along the way.

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Kamila aka London (not so) New Girl

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If you need any freelance writing, reviews, sponsored posts, content collaborations or have any other interesting projects focused around London, moving abroad, travel or health and fitness, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch  hello@londonnewgirl.com

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