11 best ways to meet new people in London

This week I’m handing over the reigns to Jacinta who has put together my first guest post ever (!). I’ve mentioned before that one of my biggest worries about moving abroad was around making new friends in a brand new city, so I’ll take any opportunity I can to give you as many tips as possible.

Now handing over to the lovely Jacinta…..


Moving to a new city is an exciting personal challenge, but it can also be pretty intimidating. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous about making new friends, especially in a city of more than eight million where people don’t always know their neighbours or feel like they’re part of a community. London life doesn’t throw up too many opportunities to turn a friendly chat with a stranger into an actual friendship, so what are the best ways to meet new people in the city?

1. Move into a share house

Moving into a share house can be a shortcut way of making new friends fast, if you choose wisely. Make sure you pick flatmates who are sociable and enjoying hanging out together. Not sure where to start? Spare Room is the best app to use when looking for a share house – it makes scrolling through potential flats and trying to suss out your would-be roomies a weirdly addictive activity.

2. Get to know your local

Is there anything more British than heading down to the local pub? Relaxing with a nice cold pint in summer or warming up with a hot toddy on a rainy day is one of the easiest ways to get to know your neighbourhood and feel part of the culture. Making the effort to join Friday night drinks with your colleagues is also great for turning work relationships into lasting friendships.

Pilates class

3. Become a regular somewhere

Stopping by at your local coffee shop on the way home from gym, taking the same train to work each morning or joining the book group at your local library can help you branch out socially. You’ll begin to feel part of the community and odds are you’ll get to know the staff and other regulars over time.

4. Go and volunteer

Helping out is another great way to expand your social network. And the best part? Lending a hand is something you’ll feel really good about, so making new friends this way is a win-win. A quick Google search will turn up loads of volunteering opportunities in your local area.

5. Pick up some new hobbies

If you’re looking to meet new people, now’s the time to take a cooking course, learn a new language or join a regular gym class. Picking up a new hobby is one of the fastest ways to mix with like-minded people and make new social connections. Need some inspiration? Check out City Lit, The Cass or UAL.

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6. Use the latest apps

Described as the hopeless romantic among dating apps, Happn helps you find people you’ve already crossed paths with. Less sleazy than Tinder, this app gives you the chance to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve passed by during your day. Citysocializer is another one that helps young professionals and re-locators to London make new friends and explore the city. You can use the app to organise after-work drinks, gigs, trips to exhibitions and other get-togethers.

7. Get to know your friends’ friends

Having your friends introduce you to their friends is an easy, no-stress way to branch out socially. When catching up for drinks or throwing a party, encourage your friends to bring someone along so you can meet new people. Making a habit of saying yes to invitations you might normally turn down is also a great way to put yourself out there.


8. Check out a supper club

Trying new food and sharing a meal together is one of the best ways to make new friends. Check out Grub Club, a platform that connects foodies with the best pop-up restaurants and supper clubs in London. These adventurous dining experiences can range from a sit-down meal in a beautiful apartment in St Pancras clock tower to Christmas Day lunches for people who are on their own during the holidays.

9. Take a London walking tour

Taking a walking tour is a great way to get to know your new city with some like-minded people. Check out Free Tours by Foot, Free Tours of London or London Walks for a casual day out and about in the city, or try something a little creepier like a Jack the Ripper tour.

Kitchen tagvenue.com

10. Join a social group

Meeting people who are already looking to make new friends means it’s easier to build a connection fast. Popular social groups like thinking bob or Spice London hold fun social activities all over the city like pub quiz nights, escape room events and camping weekends.

11. Connect with other expats

Connect with other expats by joining online communities. Jump on the London New Girl Facebook group to reach out to others and make a new friend or two in no time.

Real friends aren’t always easy to find. To make it happen, try not to come on too strong too soon, stay true to who you are and make the effort to put yourself out there. Starting from scratch in a new place can be daunting, but don’t forget that many of us are new to the city too. London might be a big city but it doesn’t have to feel that way, after all, making great connections is the first step to truly feeling at home here.


Jacinta Butterworth is a content marketer at #tagvenue, the London venue experts transforming the way people discover and book spaces for their events.

23 thoughts on “11 best ways to meet new people in London

  1. Very interesting blog. I am not new to London but, would like to start a new life. I would love to explore the city again!

  2. Hey everyone my name is Preena, I live in London, but looking to expand my circle of friends. I love visiting the central parts of London, like strolls around London, coffee shops, cats and dogs, museums, movies, gaming, photography, art. Would be nice to meet up!

  3. Hi there
    Nice to meet I trying to learn Spanish
    I visit panama yearly love the culture . Would appreciate any help
    Educated and positive outlook on life

  4. Hi there, thanks for a great site with tips. I have moved from Toronto to London and would like to meet new friends, love fashion, coffee, cocktails, people watching, London market visits and strolls with my dog around the city. Now that Covid is under control, send a note if anyone is interested to meet up and share London experiences over cup of coffee.

    1. Hey, im from London but recently single & all my friends are at the stage of engagement and children – if you ever fancy a coffee?

      1. Hi lolly nice to meet you..my name is sean
        I’m easy going friendly with a positive outlook on life. I’m a nature lover
        Looking to meet with new people friendly and honest with kind heart ..
        If you fancy a coffee and get acquainted let’s chat sometime

    2. Hi Leila
      Nice to meet you my name is Mitch .
      Looking to meet new people that are active and are nature lovers . Just got a puppy he’s 5 months old maltease ..I have a positive outlook on life. Easy going friendly and good cummunicater. I’m in hom Renovations .Enjoy doing new things, live to travel when we can ..looking for someone kind and friendly to hang out and do new things together ..meet for a coffee

  5. i am from Ecuador, teacher. I speack spanish, maybe I would like to interchange culture by whatsapp my whatsapp is 593 997777468. I can help you to learn spanish and you teach me english. Plase only serious professional people.
    My name es Olguita Palma.

    1. Hi Olguita
      Hope you are doing well .

      I have taken some Spanish classes and need help continue with it . Happy to help with English if you like .

    2. Hi there
      Nice to meet I trying to learn Spanish
      I visit panama yearly love the culture . Would appreciate any help
      Educated and positive outlook on life

  6. This is brilliant! As a new hobby or new social group that’s either low cost (if you’ve never played and need lessons) or free (if not), can I recommend Ukulele Wednesdays as a great way to meet new people? A good way of singing and playing along with others, and, if you’ve not played before you can play your first song in an hour on the ukulele with Learn To Uke. 😉 Try before you buy and pop along to the free, weekly jam session and say hello/let one of the guys know you’re new. They’re super friendly and you’ll likely have a new friend you can get to know easily.

  7. Excellent! it’s a really very helpful things to get in touch with new people. I will just add the London Party where you can easily get new connection and can enjoy the company of different people.

  8. As a “new girl in London” I literally love your blogs. I just got to London from the USA June 15th, I finally got the hang of public transportation but I haven’t ventured out to socializing yet. My stay in London is until September 20th, but I’ve already fell in love with the city. If you could offer advice on jobs and how to earn quick cash that would be amazing!! So far the only thing I really miss from the US is the TIDE laundry detergent . Lol

    1. Haha we all tend to miss the strangest smallest things. It took me a year to get used to the different tasting toothpaste 😉
      I have a few pages on finding jobs in London, under both ‘London’ and ‘Moving to London’ sections, so explore the blog a little and hopefully it’ll help you settle down in no time.
      K x

      1. I am from Ecuador, a nice teacher. I speak Spanish, maybe I would like to interchange culture. My contact is 593 997777468 WhatsApp. I can help you to learn Spanish and you teach me English. Please only serious professional people.
        My name es Olguita Palma.

  9. I just want to say your blog is amazing and I find your posts so helpful. Thank you so much! I’m also from Australia and moving to London in August; Reading your posts have calmed me down quiet a lot and answered so many questions I had about London, the health care system, where to get australian food hahah I love it! And I’ll be sure to keep following and keeping out for more helpful posts.
    Regards, from a very nervous future aussie expat.

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