5 things I love about London this week – 3rd July 2014

5 things I love about London this week

1) Glastonbury!!
This deserves a post of it’s own. I’ll get onto it, STAT! For now, here’s a photo to enjoy while you wait…
photo 4 (1)

2) Banks being open on Saturday
It’s just so damn convenient. No one wants to waste a lunch break in the middle of summer standing in line at a bank. No one.

3) BBQs in the park photo 3 (1)
I’ve probably mentioned this before but it really deserves a mention each week! At this time of year, London parks are packed with people and BBQs are firing up everywhere! It really builds up my appetite when I walk through the park to get home every night. You can pick up a disposable BBQ from almost every corner store or supermarket for about £10 – cook up some dinner then throw it out when you’re done. Brilliant! I love no-commitment appliances.


4) Foxes 
I think it’s peak fox-season at the moment. For almost 2 years in London I had only ever seen a handful of foxes and then I was walking home one warm summer’s night last week and BAM – I saw 5 in one walk home (plus one more the next morning)! Mostly rummaging through the park’s bins full of people’s disposable BBQs. I know foxes probably carry all sorts of diseases, but spotting one is a strangely perfect mix of sheer terror and utter excitement, holding back the urge to go and give it a big cuddle!


5) Hommus
(AKA Houmous, Hummus, Humos, Hoummos, Hommos, why are there so many variations??!!!)
Today, the glass is half full. I normally hate on the fact that London has no dips other than hommus, but today I relish in the hommus-crazed society. There is literally every flavour hommus you could ever think of available here. Sure the Brits have no other dips, but who needs a roasted red capsicum, pecorino, cashews and basil pesto dip when you can have Tesco’s broadbean and asparagus hommus, or really go crazy and splurge on a mini multi-pack  with 3 different hommus flavours in one! Mmm…


Plus 3 things I’m hatin’ on…

(because what’s real British life without a little complaining)

1) Stairs –  I’m pretty convinced that London is the world’s stair capital. I especially hate these after a leg workout (because you know, I’m so totally fit these days), or after spending the weekend dragging your tired and drunk legs through layers of thick mud and camping on top of the world’s highest hill.

2) Lack of toilets in public spaces – This really speaks for itself. Although after Glastonbury, I’ll be happy to never, EVER see a public toilet again in my life. I saw things there that cannot be unseen

3) Roundabouts – There was a certain incident that I won’t go into too much detail on, but it involved me driving home from Glastonbury, a very confusing roundabout in West London, 3 laps of said confusing roundabout, a much-too-close encounter with a semitrailer on confusing roundabout and 3 screaming passengers. Welcome to roundabout hell.

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