A Weekend in Las Vegas

Last weekend probably makes it into my top 3 craziest weekends of all time. To celebrate our 10 year birthday, my agency took all my colleagues and I on a whirlwind holiday to Vegas!

50 twenty and thirty-something year old agency folk on an all-expenses paid holiday in the world’s party capital was bound to be an adventure, and it didn’t disappoint.


This was my second time in Vegas and I must say that I had an even more amazing time than the first time ’round, which I didn’t think was possible! We did so many fun activities and saw so many things that come Sunday, it was really hard to get back on that flight back home, and not just because of the insane hangovers that we were all nursing.

We left London on Thursday morning and a mere 10 hours, bottle of Champagne, one film and four Bloody Marys later, we landed in Las Vegas at 3pm local time. Those who had planned on getting any sleep on the flight quickly wised up, it was more like a seated party than a long-haul flight with everyone chatting, laughing and drinking the bar dry – literally. A few hours before landing there was an announcement that there was no more alcohol left on the plane 😉



Coming into Vegas, the view from the plane was incredible…





As soon as we got to our hotel, Treasure Island, we wasted no time dropping off our bags and heading straight for the pool! It’s been a long winter and the first rays of Vegas’ warm sunshine hitting my skin was possibly the best feeling in the world!






After a couple of hours, we unwillingly left the pool and made our way back to our rooms to get changed for dinner and prepare for a night out in the casino.








The next morning we woke up early to get a bus over to Bonnie Springs Ranch, surprisingly the absolute highlight of the whole trip! So much so, that this is going to get its own follow-up blog post during the week, there’s just too many amazing photos to squeeze in.


Horse riding was followed by a serious shopping sesh at Caesar’s Palace to make the most of the strong ££ and cheap American price tags!

Too many dollars later, we quickly went home to get ready for a big night out. We met at Mandalay Bay where we stayed for some drinks, then were picked up by giant bus limousines and taken to some amazing clubs around Vegas.

(I had ditched my camera by this stage so thanks to everyone for supplying/tagging me with your photos)


I won’t lie, the second half of this night gets very blurry, in fact I haven’t had memory loss like this since my youthful university days, but from everything I remember it was amazing! We went from a speakeasy, hidden bar called Bourbon & Burlesque


to an incredible outdoor bar on the 64th floor of Mandalay Bay overlooking all of Vegas…


to an underground bar, somewhere…


to an outdoor club in Paris, Chateau, under the Eiffel Tower!! (of which I have zero photos on the night, but it looked like this…)


We made our way back to the hotel at some point before sunrise and I then nursed what was very possibly the worst hangover of my life for the next 3 days. I promise you they’re only getting worse with age!!

The next day most of us missed our morning Segway tours due to extreme hangovers and chose to sit in the pool all day instead. We ate dinner at Trevvi in Caesar’s Palace then went to see an amazing show called Absinthe. It was completely awkward, crass, flexible, hilarious and astonishing at the same time. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Vegas, though I suggest you find a seat at the back unless you want to be picked on for the whole show.



As it was our last night in Vegas, after the show we went to one last club in Treasure Island and I climbed back into bed around 4am to catch a couple more hours sleep before an 11am morning checkout.




If you could picture the total, exact opposite of what the flight to Vegas was like, this was it. As soon as we got onboard, blinds were drawn shut and everyone nestled into long, overdue sleeps. We all returned as broken people, mere shadows of our lively, excited selves just 4 days earlier, but if it were any other way then we wouldn’t have done it properly! Worth it.

It was such an amazing weekend had by all. Our agency directors are the best people in the world for paying for the whole thing, it was so much fun hanging out and partying with all my work buddies and despite being completely useless this week, I’m still on a bit of a holiday high. Maybe it was all that glorious sunshine and warm weather. Bring on the 11th agency birthday next year 🙂


Have you ever been to Vegas, or have any plans to visit?

Kamila x

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