Best Coffee in London – Mapped

When I first moved to London, I refused to give up on the amazing coffee culture that I got so accustomed to in Melbourne and so began a personal mission to find the best coffee possible. That’s how the Guide to the Best Coffee in London was born.

Through lots of trial and error, recommendations, discovery and a few disappointments along the way, I’ve tracked down some of the best flat whites and lattes in town, shortlisted them and now, mapped them out ready for you to try for yourselves.

So in addition to my original coffee guide (which you can find here), here’s a handy, regularly updated map of the best coffee in London. Enjoy!

What’s your favourite coffee shop in London? Are any of your favourites missing from the map? Let me know in the comments

8 thoughts on “Best Coffee in London – Mapped

  1. Hi LNG! As a fellow Melbourne girl about to make the big move across the pond I was stoked to find this post. I thought I saw you mention that you’re always looking for new ideas for posts – perhaps a 2016 update of this one? Would love to hear about the new cafes you’ve discovered in the last year. KT

    1. Hi Kate, I’m glad you’re a fellow coffee-lover too 🙂 Of course, update of the coffee post is a great shout. There’s so many new places popping up all the time to add – but also you’ll be happy to know all of these are still around and still highly recommended 🙂
      K x

  2. There are many places missing in your map you would love to try s, below I listed 3 places on each part of the city below:

    North London:
    1. Campbell & Syme – 9 Fortis Green, N2 9JR
    2. Tintico – 2-4 Station Road Finchley, N32SP
    3. Wired – 194 Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, NW6

    West London:
    1. Artisan – 372 King Street, W6 0RX
    2. Tamp coffee – 1 Devonshire Rd, W4 2EU
    3. Electric Coffee Company – 40 Haven Green, W5 2NX

    South London:
    1. Federation Coffee – Unit 77-78 Brixton Village Market, SW9 8PS
    2. Brickwood Coffee & Bread – 16 Clapham Common South Side, SW4 7AB
    3. Volcano Coffee Works – 62 Tritton Road, SE21 8DE

    East London:
    1. Timber Yard – 61-67 Old Street, EC1V 9HW
    2. Hatch – 8 Mackintosh Lane, E9 6AB
    3. 46B Espresso Hut – 46b Brooksby’s walk, Hackney E9 6DF

    Central London:
    1. The Espresso Room – 31-35 Great Ormond St, WC1N 3HZ
    2. Curators Coffee Studio – 9A Cullum Street, EC3M 7JJ
    3. The Fleet Street Press – 3 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1AU

    There are many more of course 🙂

  3. I’ve been to some really nice coffee shops in Greenwich. Green Cafe is organic, the food takes a while to be served but is totally worth the wait.

  4. There are a few missing for South London – I can highly recommend La Moka and Birdhouse in Battersea as well as The Press Room in Surbiton. From a fellow Melbourne coffee snob, they wouldn’t be out of place back home 🙂

  5. So glad I now have a go to guide for good coffee in London. I’m an out and out Melbourne coffee snob and last time I was in London I had a lot of trouble trying to find good coffee. Thanks LNG!

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