Best Health Food Stores in London

I know how annoying it can be to move to a new country (or even a new city) and not know where to buy anything. Your shopping knowledge goes back to zero as you’re not familiar with any of the stores and frustratingly, you come to rely on Google search results for everything. I’m here to help, at least in the health department for now.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have realised that I may or may not have an obsession with superfood smoothies. I mean, as far as the scale of ‘things to be addicted to’ goes, superfood smoothies are definitely nothing to complain about, although my bank account may disagree.

This obsession has resulted in a lot of searching around London for the best quality health and foods possible, so here to share with you are my favourite stores for any other fellow health lovers living in London, who are unsure of where to start looking…

1)   As Nature Intended – This is my favourite partly due to convenience, and partly due to the fact that the one I visit (almost daily) in Shoreditch is all shiny and brand new, with different food samples to try every day and is the perfect stop for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner

2)   Mother Earth – Before option 1 opened, this was my go-to place and I still love it as my independent local health store, but it does have a little less variety

3)   Whole Foods – This is like my wonderland. Luckily there isn’t a Wholefoods near my home or work as it would definitely send me broke. This place is great for variety and amazing ready meals. The salad bar at the Piccadilly store is definitely my favourite!

4)   Planet Organic – I often visit the Islington store when I’m around the area, but there are 6 stores around London so chances are that you won’t be too far from one. Their website is really good and you can also shop online which I love, with free delivery on orders over £30.

5)   Holland & Barrett – This one is a huge chain store that can be found all around London. I don’t often buy things from this store, but they tend to have some of the best sales and they also have a great free Membership card scheme, which saves you quite a bit of money.

Also worth mentioning is Spitalfields Organics (right opposite Spitalfields market in Shoreditch) which is my go-to for cacao nibs 🙂 and when all else fails, Amazon is great for those weird ingredients that you can’t find anywhere else, though try to do your research first to make sure you’re buying a quality product.

Is there any places you think should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments

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  1. Howdy. We r not planning on our move til next April but I was only just researching health food stores in London yesterday!! We eat clean n love the gym but also love a drink n being social so the old Heathrow Injection has been on my mind. Love yr blog and finding you so soon in my research for the move has made me confident that the transition will not be as scary as it could’ve been…. Lisa 🙂

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