Coffee, Sunday Brunch & a Peek of Sunshine

The weather in London has gone cold again. I’m talking gloves, scarfs and your thickest coat-style cold. I won’t lie, the contrast from last weekend’s sunny almost-t shirt weather in Bordeaux upsets me, but thinking about my holiday in the American desert later this week is keeping me going.

Despite the cold, on Sunday I quite appropriately went to Sunday, one of my favourite brunch spots in London. It’s tucked away on a quiet and unsuspecting residential street in Barnsbury, a 10 minute walk from Highbury & Islington.

Since I first discovered it about a year ago, word has slowly gotten out about its awesomeness and there are now queues to get inside, which also upsets me a little, but I understand why. The food is always incredible and the coffee is spot on.


(This is the part where I always make everyone stop and wait to drink their coffees whilst I take a photo) 😉


We arrived at Sunday right on 10am but as it was Mother’s Day in the UK, there was already a long queue and we just missed out on getting a seat inside. Well, the downside to being in a quiet, residential nook is that there are no alternatives nearby, so we decided to stick it out and brave the cold outside. It seemed like a good idea at the time…



Then the food came out and it made the cold wait totally worth it. The pancakes and bacon option was a strong contender for best meal of the day…


…but the Huevos Rancheros, one of my favourite not-really-a-breakfast-food-but-too-delicious-to-say-no options, was the winner. It came with baked chorizo and egg on a bed of corn chips with salsa, black beans, corn and avocado.



Brunch was a cold success.

An absolute staple to every good weekend for me is going out for a great coffee. I have my list of regular local haunts (you can check out my coffee guide to London here) but I felt like trying something new over the weekend, so I dragged my sister along to check out 46b Espresso Hut on Chatsworth Road in Hackney.





46b Espresso Hut is a cute, hole-in-the-wall style coffee shop on the bustling Chatsworth Road, where you can also find a street market on Saturdays along with loads of cool shops selling home-made food and cute home accessories.

46b serves delicious Square Mile coffee and has a very chilled vibe inside. They also have a menu for snacks and smaller meals, though we ate lunch next door at Eat 17 (amazing burgers) so there was no more room.





No weekend is complete without a little relaxing. I managed to get a couple more snaps in on my new OMD camera lens before everyone got sick of me stalking them with my camera 🙂



Hope you all had a lovely weekend too! Did anyone visit any good coffee places either in London or abroad? Where is your favourite coffee shop?

Kamila x

2 thoughts on “Coffee, Sunday Brunch & a Peek of Sunshine

  1. Your blog is the best!!
    i’m moving to london in around a month (I’m a fellow gal leaving Melbourne) and your blog seems to have all the answers I’ve been looking for! (including coffee spots, cause god knows after leaving melbourne we’re gonna need to know fab coffee shops)
    Love all your posts and i’ve joined up on the Facebook group so i’m looking forward to meeting people through that 🙂
    Keep up the awesome work!
    Bec xx

    1. Hey Bec,
      Sorry for the sloooow reply & thanks for the very sweet note! We Melbournians need good coffee in our lives, I’m glad I’ve got you covered! haha
      Maybe I’ll see you around London soon 🙂 Good luck with the move

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