Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

After a very full first few days exploring Istanbul then flying to Cappadocia, day 4 of my holiday in Turkey started just as early as all the others, with a 4am alarm! Ouch. Only this time I had no trouble getting out of bed because I was so excited – it was time to go on my first ever hot air balloon ride over the gorgeous Cappadocia.

The hot air balloon ride was the absolute highlight of my trip to Turkey and if you ever visit Cappadocia, it’s an absolute must! There are now over 20 balloon companies, 100 balloons taking over 2000 people up every morning and the view is breathtaking.

We had our hotel arrange the flight with Maccan Balloons, which for €170 each included hotel transfers, a pre-flight breakfast and a glass of champagne upon landing.


As for the rest, the photos really do speak for themselves so I’m going to keep it brief and let you take a look for yourself….

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Kamila x

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  1. We are waiting for you!@Natalie If you have a fear of hieghts that could definitely be a deterrent, but you only live once and Cappadocia is BEAUTIFUL! Next time you are there, you should give it a try

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