I’m about to quit my job!

Well, I guess the title of this blog post doesn’t really leave too much up to the imagination, but I’m sick of always beating around the bush – I’m quitting my job tomorrow!
Strangely it feels a lot less exhilarating to say than one would think – my feelings are more reminiscent of sheer and utter terror – I’ve spent the whole day at my desk today dealing with my sweaty palms and a horrible sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

This should really be one of the best days of my working career to date – telling everyone that I’m following my dreams and moving to London, but somehow this has just turned me into a bit of a nervous wreck.

Knowing that I’m moving overseas has definitely helped me through the last few months of my working career – No I don’t care that I’m underappreciated or undervalued for that matter, I couldn’t care less that I have pretty damn poor job security at the moment, and I absolutely don’t care that I get little to absolutely no recognition for the good work that I do. Who cares, because I’m out of here soon, suckers!

OK, my resignation speech probably won’t mention any of the above points (as much as I’d love to throw some of them in there), but it will still be just as good in my head.

The most stressful part of my day today was not knowing what I’m going to say and how I’m going to deliver the news tomorrow. My biggest fear is that my boss will be upset that I didn’t say anything earlier and I will burn some bridges, or even worse – they will ask me to leave earlier than the 6 weeks notice that I’m giving them.

I’m also super nervous because my colleague has already booked in her annual leave and she is going on a 5 week holiday next month, meaning my boss will be left to fend for himself for 3 weeks without either of us! It’s this guilt that makes quitting so hard.

Surely they will understand that there is never a good time to pick up and move your life overseas – I had to find the best possible time to do this for myself (which is next to impossible) so excuse me that I couldn’t work around my colleagues holiday schedules whilst planning my entire future. That sounds pretty fair when you look at it like that doesn’t it?

So this afternoon I came to the conclusion that I am going to KISS – No, not actually kiss my boss (ew)– I’m going to Keep It Simple Stupid. Just say it straight out that I have some exciting and sad news and I’ve decided to follow my dreams and move overseas. Thank you for everything, blah blah blah, it’s been great, I’m outties!!

So maybe I gave you all the wrong impression earlier about my job, it’s not all that bad. I actually do get a lot of responsibility, and a lot of people do give me a lot of opportunities to learn and progress which I really enjoy and appreciate, not to mention that I probably work with some of the best colleagues in the world! However, I do still feel undervalued and I have my bad days too so if I repeat all the crappy feelings that I have about work in my head, it makes quitting a lot easier to do.

In conclusion, I need you all to cross your fingers tight and wish me some serious luck tomorrow. If all goes well, I won’t have a nervous breakdown, I will actually be able to deliver the news and FINALLY be able to tell everyone around me about my huge news!

This time tomorrow, I will be so relieved and so much happier (and let’s be honest – probably quite drunk).
Wish me luck!!!!

The London New Girl

12 thoughts on “I’m about to quit my job!

  1. Just reading through this post has given me some much needed motivation for quitting my job. I am sooo nervous because m boss goes on about how happy she is to finally have a good team and I’m bailing…whoops! When London calls, you’ve got to answer, right!
    Anyway, I know it was a while ago, but how did it go? Any tips? I’m 12 weeks from leaving, so about 5-6weeks from quitting. ps. thanks for your blog, it has saved my life! Not to mention my stress levels 🙂

    1. Hey Kat,
      Happy to hear the blog is helping to manage those stress levels 😉 haha
      Well, I was super nervous when I quit, I felt so guilty but afterwards it was the most amazing feeling!
      You just need to remember that people come & go to jobs all the time, and this job in the long run will be just another small part of your life, the biggest part is yet to come, so when you tell them, be really excited about moving to London, don’t apologise for it or show that you’re nervous.
      Everyone will be happy for you and if they’re not, they’re the ones who will look silly, not you!
      Good luck, let me know how it goes

  2. I hope it went well! My boss was kind of floored when I told him I was moving back to Canada but they understood – there are points in your life where you have to do these things, and I am so excited for you! Let us know how it went!

  3. I hope it went well! My boss was kind of floored when I told him I was moving back to Canada but they understood – there are points in your life where you have to do these things, and I am so excited for you! Let us know how it went!

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