London New Puppy

What’s it like having a new puppy in London, you ask? Just like this…

It’s been a while since my last update and anyone who follows me on Instagram could probably guess why my time has been taken up elsewhere lately…. I got a puppy!!!

No, it wasn’t planned, but yes, she is amazing.

The surprise

I came home from work one very regular Tuesday night, expecting to find my fiancé cooking dinner, as planned. Instead I was surprised by my sister holding her phone in my face and my fiancé holding the most amazing little dumpling of a miniature sausage dog that I’ve ever seen.

This is how it went down…

Puppy parenting ain’t so easy breezy

So it turns out having a puppy is basically like having a little baby! (Spoken like someone who’s obviously never had a baby haha). Honestly though, I’ve never been so physically and emotionally drained in my life. I’m constantly exhausted, but I’ve also never been so happy.

I’ve wanted a dog my entire life yet I must admit, being surprised with a puppy was way more terrifying than I could have ever imagined. I was just not prepared. At all. It was (and still is) just learning everything from scratch as we go.

Here’s a brief look at my Google history to prove it
(*I’ve marked the ones that I still don’t have an answer to, so if you do, please share!)

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Oh dear.

Also, I think I need a Google detox.

I like to indulge a little by comparing this experience to those miracle pregnancies when mums don’t know they’re having a baby until they go into labour.

I’m sure babies are much harder but until I learn that for myself, I can be blissfully ignorant and pretend that it’s the same thing. Honestly though, puppy forums and an investment into Amazon Prime have SAVED ME.

No matter how hard it is though, Slinky (that’s her name, by the way) is just one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. She’s incredible – I mean, just look at her!

What’s it like having a dog in London?

Having a small dog in London is amazing. I take her everywhere I go – from the office, to the pub, to restaurants, cafes, shops and wine bars. We’ve only been turned away once – from a ramen restaurant in Shoreditch who told us some of their customers might not like dogs. I’m still craving that ramen. Mostly though, Slinky just makes it really easy to get a table because everyone falls in love with her as soon as she comes through the door.

We’re really making the most of being able to take her basically anywhere we want. Plus – while we’re in toilet training, we kind of have to keep an eye on her at all times. Sausage dogs are notoriously hard to toilet train, turns out.


Travelling with a dog

I’m now trying to desperately read up on our travel options so I can get back to planning holidays again. European travel is super (small) dog-friendly – most EU planes and trains will let her travel on our laps (or under the seat), but getting in and out of the UK is a little more painful. Dogs have to fly in the hold in the UK and they’re not allowed on the Eurostar train, so it’s either a slightly scary plane ride or a drive/ferry trip. However, there’s no quarantine so long as she has her Pet Passport up-to-date so that makes life a lot easier.

Travelling within the UK is much easier. Slinky has been up to Manchester twice on a Virgin train without any hassle, and she obviously travels all over London via Black Cabs, Overground, Underground and buses. I don’t use Uber but I’ve heard sometimes they have issues with dogs in the car – so best to stick with a black cab service like FreeNow. 

Love animals but can’t have your own, yet?

For those who love dogs but can’t have one themselves right now, check out Borrow My Doggy – you can help some local dog owners with things like walking duties or weekend dog sitting. I was a member for a year and met some really cute dogs that way.

If you’re more of a cat person, consider signing up for something like Cat in a Flat.

Have you got any London, dog-friendly places, walks or activity recommendations for us to try? Would love to hear about them in the comments.

Kamila x

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  1. Bravo! This is something great I can say you. Really fantastic & phenomenal. As a puppy lover I appreciate your article. Thanks a lot for sharing this kinds of great info.

  2. Cinnamon Trust is also a good idea if you’re not able to have your own dog – it’s a charity that teams up volunteers with people who can’t do certain things anymore (for example, those who are too ill or elderly to walk their dogs).

    Congrats on the new arrival! 🙂

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