London: Sunday Roast at The Culpeper

My absolute favourite British tradition has to be the classic Sunday Roast. To be honest, I didn’t even know this tradition existed before I moved to London, in fact, I probably didn’t really know what a Sunday roast was (to be fair, I mostly eat vegetarian), but it has quickly become one of my London highlights.

Going to the pub on a Sunday afternoon to eat a huge plate of comfort food, drink wine and be merry with a big group of friends really is the best way to end a weekend.

Last weekend I went to The Culpeper, a really cute pub in Shoreditch, East London. It was my first time there and I loved it – the atmosphere, service, layout and drinks menu were all pretty spot on.





After a pretty alcohol-heavy month with Vegas and Barcelona, I was on a mission to have a booze-free weekend. Of course this ended up being a complete and utter fail, I literally did the total opposite. When you first move to London, it really doesn’t take long to work out that not drinking in this city is extremely hard work.




If you’re in a group and are good at sharing, you’ll love Culpeper’s roast menu, which is served for the table on a big share plate. My friends weren’t so impressed by this, but they got two huge plates of food between the 6 of them and there was definitely more than enough food to get around.



I, on the other hand, managed to get my own plate! Now I know that most people associate Sunday roast with loads of succulent, slow cooked meat, but as I don’t really eat meat I always go for the veggie option. This normally ranges from pub to pub where I get anything from nut roasts to simple roast veg alternatives – I’m not too picky with what I get so long as it involves roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding and gravy 🙂

The roast potatoes and cheese cauliflower were amazing!!




Ok maybe the only London thing that I love even more than a Sunday roast is the fact that most pubs are completely dog-friendly. Perfect for seeing my favourite little sausage dog munchkins and stealing them from my friends for an afternoon of cuddles.





How could anyone resist those gorgeous little eyes from Seb…



All in all, a perfect Sunday afternoon.

The Culpeper can be found on 40 Commercial Street and their website tells me that they will have a rooftop garden opening up for the summer, so looks like I’ll be back again soon!

Have you had a great Sunday roast in London? Where is your favourite spot?

Kamila x

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  1. London will offer you a lot of great things. This Culpeper is just one of them. If you will try to look around the place, there is more that you can see. Glad that you enjoyed London.

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