One Year in London – I made it!


Well, this time exactly 12 months ago, I first landed in London.

What a day that was, and what a day it is today, to write my official one year anniversary post! (Ok, I’m writing this a day early, but I landed at 7am and I’m not going to smash out a post that early on a Friday morning, am I?!)

I have the morning off work and in this beautiful 31 degree sunshine, I’ve spent the morning walking to get my coffee, took a spontaneous stroll to Highbury Fields, my local park where I spent an hour relaxing on the grass, enjoying the morning sunshine and taking photos of everything that I love around me.

I feel so happy right now that I could just BURST! A little bit of sunshine gives me the ultimate natural high, and makes the world such a better place.

I’m also so happy because I spoke to my mum over Skype this morning, who is currently in Poland which is only 2 hours away by plane, yet feels like forever right now. I miss her like crazy as I haven’t seen her since Christmas, but in just one more week, we will be reunited in the lovely city of Nice in the south of France. I’m definitely excited about this family vay-cay J

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my morning/lunch, before I have to cycle off to work at 2pm (yes, I have taken up cycling once more – what a money and time saver!). I’m leaving you with some photos that I took this morning, of all the things that I love about this place! I only had about 500m to work with, as that’s the distance between my house and the park, but you’d be surprised how much I love about those 500m!

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