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The Moving to London Guide is an eBook for those moving to London from anywhere in the world. Over 70+ pages it answers some of your biggest questions, prepares you for your move and helps you to settle in quickly and enjoy your new city.

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This Moving to London Guide is an eBook for those moving to London, from anywhere in the world. There are over 70 pages full of information and advice to answer your biggest questions and prepare you for your move. There are also activities and lists to help you organise your own life admin and not miss a thing. The goal is to get you settled in and enjoying your new city from the moment you land. From budgeting, visas and Brexit, to opening a bank account, finding a job and making new friends. The Moving to London Guide covers everything you need for your move to London. For the price of just 3 cups of coffee, you can make your life a LOT easier!

This eBook will be downloadable as a PDF document after your payment has been processed. Designed to be read electronically, it’s best viewed on desktop or tablet. You’ll also uncover a few activities along the way, and find a printable version of these at the end of the eBook.


About London New Girl

London New Girl is a guide for moving to London and a thriving community for expat women living in London. Kamila founded the community in 2012 when she moved to London from her home city of Melbourne. She’s been helping others with their moves to London ever since.



Is this Moving to London Guide just for women?

While the eBook has been written using information geared towards women, most of the advice is gender-neutral and applicable to everyone.


How do I download the Moving to London Guide?

Simply add the product to your basket and follow the checkout process. Once your payment has been successfully processed (payments are all securely processed through Stripe), you can use the red download button on the confirmation page to download a copy straight away. If you’re not ready to download just yet, your confirmation email will also have a link that you can use to download the eBook whenever is most convenient for you.


What topics does this eBook cover?

There are three key sections within the Moving to London eBook Guide – Before you Move, On Arrival and Settling In. You’ll see which topics are covered under each section by taking a closer look at the preview picture of the Contents page, above.


Can I print the eBook after downloading?

This ebook was designed to be read electronically and is best viewed on desktop or tablet. Why? Because it’s interactive with hyperlinks scattered throughout. Not to mention it includes a lot of images which could drain your home printer. However, there’s nothing stopping you from printing this off if you wish, especially if you have access to a work printer.


When was this guide written?

Version 2.1 was published on 16th September 2019 and so all information is correct as of this date. You will receive free eBook updates for 365 days after purchase, as and when any newer versions of this eBook are released. For example, after Brexit when no doubt a lot of things will start to change.


How many times can I download the eBook?

Your purchase is valid for a maximum of 3 downloads. This makes it easy for you to download a copy to a few of your devices, such as your phone, computer and tablet. Once you’ve downloaded and saved the eBook, it’s all yours to read as many times as you like from your chosen devices.


Any other questions?

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