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YellowSquare, Milan

The Best Hostels in Europe 2022

If you like travelling to meet new people and/or see new cities, without spending your life savings, then you’ll love this list of the best hostels in Europe 2022. Perhaps one of the most underrated ways to travel, hostels have made a big resurgence in recent years. Gone are the scummy, icky hostels of the past (OK, those do still exist). We’re now in an era of luxe, Instagram-worthy, digital-nomad friendly hostels that are giving the best hotels and airbnb’s a run for their money.

Hostelworld just announced the winners of their 20th annual HOSCAR awards and while their gold prize went to five (pretty epic) hostels in Central and South America, we had not one but FOUR runners up right here in Europe (yay!) So these are the best hostels in Europe 2022 according to the HOSCAR awards list…

These were voted the best hostels in Europe 2022

Best hostels in Europe 2022 Girl unpacking in private room at Madama Hostel and Bistro, Milan, Italy

The Eco-Warrior: Madama Hostel and Bistro, Milan, Italy

Visit the fashion capital of the world to experience food, elegance and sustainability at its best.

“Save the planet in style. Oh-so-sustainable initiatives in a hostel that screams sophistication.”

Madama Hostel and Bistro in Milan is one of the best hostels in Europe 2022 for being ecologically minded without skimping on style. Their Art Nouveau furnishings are made from recycled materials by local craftsmen, using traceable raw materials from sustainably managed forests. They’ve banned single-use plastics, opting for an eco bioplastic made from veggies instead. You can refill your water for free, everything is recycled, and they only serve eco-friendly products including EcoLabel soap.

Private room at YellowSquare, Milan, Italy, best hostels in Europe 2022

The New Hostel on the Block: YellowSquare, Milan, Italy

If you want a spend a weekend eating incredible Italian food, shop until you drop and drink ALL the Spritz, then this new YellowSquare hostel is for you. They’ve just opened their doors in the Porta Romana district of Milan – famous for its cultural spots, food and nightlife for the 20-somethings crowd.

“Clever co-working spaces, and catchy concerts in a deconsecrated Chapel.”

The ‘New Hostel on the Block’ award celebrates inspiring stories from the newest hostels that opened their doors during the tough time of 2021 when travel was at a standstill.

What makes YellowSquare Milan one of the best hostels in Europe 2022 is the amazing communal areas. There’s ‘The Chapel’ (ahem, nightclub); a hair Salon; co-working spaces; play area; an outdoor courtyard and even an aquarium. They also have vegan cooking classes and karaoke. Perfect for creative professionals, digital nomads, and adventure seekers.

Guests chatting in common room at Pfefferbett Hostel, Berlin, Germany, best hostels in Europe 2022

The Community Champion: Pfefferbett Hostel, Berlin, Germany

Spend the night at a former brewery in one of Berlin’s trendiest districts – Prenzlauer Berg.

“Championing inclusivity, equality, and helping the homeless”

Pfefferbett Hostel has been crowned Community Champion runner up. During a tough Covid lockdown, they provided 90 beds, food and clothes for the homeless which not only protected their staff’s jobs but also made a lasting positive impact on their community.

Reconstructed in 2007, the 20 foot high lobby and beautiful modern interiors create a unique atmosphere of new meets old. It’s a far cry from the dusty and dingy interiors that hostels once built their reputation on. You’ll also find a beer garden with its own brewery, galleries, a theatre and restaurants right on its doorstep.

Coworking space at YellowSquare, Rome, Italy, best hostels in europe 2022

The Digital Nomad: YellowSquare, Rome, Italy

Rome is a digital nomad heaven – amazing food, warm and sunny weather, more cultural hot spots than you can possible count. Plus, it’s very English-friendly (the language, but also the country I suppose!) and more cafes and co-working spaces are popping up to cater to the ‘work from home/abroad’ crowds. And let’s be real, why wouldn’t you spend a week working from Rome, just ‘cos you can?!

“YellowSquare became YellowShare! A real hub for Digital Nomads.”

YellowSquare is one of the best hostels in Europe 2022 as they’ve redefined the meaning of a hostel, jumping headfirst into the world of remote working. This Hostelworld award highlights hostels with social spaces that scream inspiration and so much more, which is exactly what you’ll find here. Desks, gear and equipment for YouTubers/photographers, even a soundproof room for podcast recording. In other words, it’s the perfect hostel for work, sleep and letting off steam.

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