The best London phone apps you need in your life

I’m not going to lie, if it wasn’t for a select number of phone apps, I don’t think I would have made it this far in my London journey. I probably would have got lost one night and never found my way back. Not only do I use apps to find where the hell I am half the time, I use them everyday to get myself home/to work/to the pub, hail cabs, find the best happy hour deals and book my gym classes.

Here’s a list of my favourite London phone apps that you should get your hands on:

(most of the links I’ve used are for IOS but loads of these are avail on Android too)

  • Citymapper – I talk/write about this one a lot. The only app you need to find your way anywhere in London – whether you’re using transport, walking or cycling. They’ve just updated the app to include Boris Bikes too which is amazing – it shows you where the closest Bike Hire station is and how many available bikes (or empty bike spots) there are at each station.
  • WhatsApp – If you haven’t already got it, get it. No one uses real texts in London, it’s all Whatsapp and group chats.
  • Hailo – The best way  to hail a black cab when there are none around. Although more expensive, black cabs are much better and more reliable than Uber, which seems to be getting more unreliable as the weeks roll by. In saying that, there’s always a time and a place for Uber too.
  • Lloyds – If you bank with Lloyds, they have an amazing internet banking app.
  • Deliveroo – Last weekend I ordered Honest Burgers (my fave burgers in London) and they were delivered to my front door within half an hour on a Saturday night. It was totally brilliant. Deliveroo pretty much go to loads of restaurants who don’t deliver and pick up your take-away for you, you’ll notice their motorbikes all around town these days.
  • Skyscanner – One of my favourite ways to pass the time is going through this app and finding ridiculously cheap flights to cities I’ve never heard of before. It’s so easy to use, it compares all the airlines to find the cheapest and also lets you monitor flight prices if there’s anywhere in particular that you need to go.
  • Met Office – What I consider to be the most reliable weather app. I check it every night before bed and again in the morning to know whether I’ll get away with cycling into work or not.


  • Spare Room – Best app to use when looking for a new place to live. Super easy to lose track of time and spend hours scrolling through potential flats and crying into a glass of wine about how little space you get for such massive chunks of money.
  • Bus London – For all the bus stops that don’t have live boards showing when the next 10 buses are coming, this app has all the info for you. It’s perfect if you catch buses regularly (though the ads can be quite annoying sometimes)
  • ASOS – A dangerous one but I love scrolling through the endless stream plus the mobile version remembers which things you look at most and learns your style, so it can order the items in a way that brings your favourite styles to the top. Technology ey. I also recently downloaded ‘Grabbie’ which is like Tinder for high street shopping – swipe right if you love it, left if you don’t, and you can set alerts if the things you love go on sale, and also buy directly through the app with free shipping. I haven’t bought anything yet but I’m enjoying all the swiping.
  • Happn – Speaking of Tinder, Happn seems to be where it’s at. All the single ladies (all the single ladies). It finds the people you’ve crossed paths with, so you’re more likely to have things in common and it’s a bit less sleazy than Tinder.
  • Dojo – Lists the best things to do in London & ‘finds hidden gems’. I only downloaded this recently and always forget to use it, but the concept is great, especially if you’re new to London and want to discover as many new spots and possible. It’s also very easy on the eye…

Which apps can you not live without in London?


1 thought on “The best London phone apps you need in your life

  1. I know you dont like Uber, but UBER!
    Also I love BBC Weather – a must have for knowing what to wear in the morning,
    AirBnb – plan your next getaway on the bus home, and
    DICE – tickets to the best gigs and event without booking fee!

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