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The Best of Borough Market

Borough Market has long been known as one of the best markets in London. Its foodie game is STRONG ?  Like, seriously strong.

Very much like all the people, staff and businesses affected by the horrible attacks last weekend.

I have to say that those attacks hit me really hard. As I’m sure they did many of you. There just are no words. But … we need to support the beautiful people and amazing diversity of Borough Market and get back there as soon as possible.

The good news is that Borough Market have just announced that they’ll be back up and running again from tomorrow – Wednesday 14th June.

So, to encourage us all to go back as soon as we can, I’m pulling together some of my favourite spots that can’t be missed!

First and foremost, Borough Market has been my go-to place for lamingtons since I first moved to London. Something I’m sure all my fellow Aussie expats will appreciate. They’re sold at Comptoir Gourmand – found in the right-hand side section closest to London Bridge, along with loads of other things that you should never look at when dieting.

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I’ve been lucky enough to work around the corner for the last year and a half, which has actually proven to be pretty unlucky for my waistline. The amazing Ethiopian Flavours food stall is worth it though (the queue proves it!)

So are those comforting Pieminister pies (with all the mash & gravy, obvs. I’d be disowned by my Mancunian boyfriend if I were to skip on those), or Balkan bites – possibly the quickest way to win over meat eaters with vegetarian food.

Image Source: Piminister Facebook

Cheeky mulled wines in the winter from Cartwright Brothers kept me going through some pretty cold, dark days (not that we need an excuse to drink mulled wine at Christmas)

Source: Cartwright Wines Twitter

and probably the best pasta to exist outside of Italy at not one but two places – Padella (which is eat in, with a long queue, but you get to watch the pasta being made so it goes kinda fast) and La Tua Pasta (take away and scoff down at your own discretion with zero judgement. Win/win.)

Image Source:

El Pastor is one of the most Instagrammable taco joints around…

Source: Tacos El Pastor
Source: Tacos El Pastor

…’nuff said.


My weekly bag of fresh coffee beans from Monmouth, on the corner of Park and Stoney Streets, gives me daily strength. Because, well, coffee.

Insider tip: If you buy beans, you also order a coffee and skip the enormous queue.


My go-to place for dinner party essentials or gifts for the in-laws is always Neal’s Yard Dairy – where you can taste test your own weight in incredible, local cheeses

Source: Neals Yard Twitter


plus ALL of the local cheese merchants that make sure you can never physically leave the market without at least one wheel to yourself

Source: Borough Cheese Company

…amongst many others.


I’ve spent hours of my life deliberating over which cured chorizo or anchovy olives to buy at the Spanish deli Brindisa

Image Source: Brindisa Facebook Page


And if you’re ever looking for an actually enjoyable team building activity, Bread Ahead bakery runs baking and pastry courses which sound so fun. I always walk by and admire, then carefully accidentally leave their brochures lying around the office hoping someone, someday will get the hint…

Image Source: Bread Ahead Website
Image Source: Bread Ahead Website


Last but definitely not least, wine. Oh the wine.

Buy bottles to take home from Borough Wines, drink ‘em on the spot at Bedales, or go for an all natural wine menu at Elliot’s

Image Source: Bedales Facebook Page
Image Source: Elliot’s Twitter Page

Borough Market has been closed this past week due to the ongoing investigation but, to directly quote Borough Market’s statement… “Soon, Borough Market will need to reopen its doors and get on with its job of selling food and drink to the people of London—a function it has fulfilled for a thousand years, through plague, political upheaval and the bombs of two world wars.”

Nicely said. I’ll see you there!

Note: The Bankside community has established a trader support crowd fund to help those individuals and businesses who have suffered financial hardship and losses as a result of the temporary closure of the Borough Market area, and have no other means of support. With an aim to raise £50,000, find out more and donate here –

What are your favourite Borough Market spots? I’m sure I’ve missed loads of favourites so make sure you put them in the comments below to share with us all!

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  1. Amazing! I’ve been meaning to go there since moving here a month ago. This guide is exactly what I’ve needed : )

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