Weekend in Perth

As my moving to London date creeps closer, I find myself with less and less time on my hands so please excuse my tardiness with updating my site. There is still so much to do, but I seem to be on top of it all and (I think) everything appears to be going to plan.

My days are taken up at work, trying my little heart out to concentrate on what I’m doing but really just googling London-related questions, and my nights are spent finding cheap, saving-friendly ways to catch up with friends and exercising all my stress out.
Weekends are dedicated to cleaning and selling all our household items, showing my car to any potential buyers (none of which are yet to actually purchase my poor little Daisy), and finding many ways to break my budget – usually involving alcohol.

With only 4 weeks to go until the move it seemed like the perfect time to spend the weekend in Perth, Western Australia for lots of QT with my Dad and co.
With an annoying 4-hour flight time from Melbourne to Perth, I thought it best that I take a long weekend for the occasion and so I had Friday and Monday off work to really soak up some winter sunshine over there. It was an amazing weekend and as always I wasn’t quite ready to head home and back to reality.

Dad decided to take me on a road trip over Saturday & Sunday to Margaret River. It’s a gorgeous winery region about 3 hours south of Perth and a place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time so I’m really glad that I finally got to see it. We spent the weekend, just the two of us, driving from winery to winery tasting all that Margaret River has to offer – amazing cabernets, chardonnays, cheeses and olive oils. I even managed to convince dad to come to the Baby Animal Farm with me where I got to play with all sorts of farm animals – definitely a highlight. I think he joined me out of guilt because only minutes earlier he suggested to go to the Deer farm, which ended up being a Venison Farm Shop. I mean who takes their almost-vegetarian daughter to a deer slaughter shop?!! Poor deer 🙁

Apart from that minor hiccup the weekend was a complete success. We had some amazing weather and managed to fit in more wineries than I ever thought possible.

Here are some photos from the trip, and if you’re ever around the area then I highly recommend that you take a couple of days to visit the Margaret River region.

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