Where to buy Aussie food in London

Australia Day is just around the corner and whilst I can’t spend the day cooking a BBQ by the beach and watching the tennis, I can go on a hunt to track down my favourite Aussie food in London, to remind me a little of home and celebrate in my own way.

Though in saying that, I’ll still be attempting to cook a BBQ this year but it’ll be in the dark and on my cold terrace, not a beach. I’ll let you know just how badly it turns out.

Here is where to find some of my favourite Aussie food in London:


Source: T2 - facebook.com/T2Tea/
Source: T2 – facebook.com/T2Tea/

The best Aussie selection ever from T2

My excitement reached overload when I walked past their (kinda) new shop in Shoreditch. I don’t even really like tea tbh (insert shock & horror from every English person I know here), yet T2 favourites like the Organic Chai or Lamington always manage to change my mind. For a real treat, try making a Lamington latte by warming up the tea leaves with milk on the stove, then throw in some chocolate buttons to melt through. You’re welcome 😉

Screenshot from tesco.com
Screenshot from tesco.com

BBQ shapes and Tim Tams from Tesco Online

I’ve never managed to see these inside an actual Tesco store before, but jump on their online website and you’ll find a whole little selection of Aussie treats. TIP: I find the selection varies depending on where your delivery address is (as some stores stock more than others), so if you can’t find the Aussie selection then try a different delivery address.

Everything Aussie that your heart could desire from Sanza

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.40.25Only discovered while doing research for this post, Sanza has everything from Cherry Ripes and Cheezels to Aussie beer and sourvenirs. They also have Kiwi & South African shops too. Sanza calculates postage based on the weight of the items you select and it’s actually not bad. Here’s an example of how much it would cost me to buy all my fave Aussie goodies (and they have a 10% off Australia Day sale on right now!)

Photograph by Maz McEwan, Courtesy of Crosstown Doughnuts

Lamington Doughnuts from Crosstown

Any excuse for a lamington is a brilliant one, but none more so than said lamington comes in the form of a Crosstown doughnut. A new Aussie day favourite.


Image by Gordon Wrigley on Flickr
Image by Gordon Wrigley on Flickr

Vegemite from pretty much everywhere

The heading says it all really. These days you can buy Vegemite from most key supermarkets like Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose who all stock our beloved pantry staple. On a side note, this goes for Milo too! 🙂

Happy Australia Day everyone!



PS Sorry for being mega lame and not posting for the last 2 months. I think I got some sort of social exhaustion at the end of last year and couldn’t bare opening my laptop outside of work hours. Maybe it’s what happens when you work in social media & do it in your spare time too. Motivation is back though and posts are streaming out of my rejuvenated brain, so it’ll be back to business as usual in 2016. x

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